Kittery Point, Maine


The Home itself was built in 1856 and its current owner had been renting it out for more than 18 years.After the long term tenants moved out (during the middle of the winter, leaving it to the elements), the home was in desperate need of renovation and maintenance.


With a limited budget and the fact that this was going to continue to be a rental property, it was decided to utilize as much of the existing kitchen as possible. The old worn out and badly maintained cabinets were restored and given a little bit of an update with trim work, the old laminate countertops were replaced with a (granite looking) single top formica replacement. The kitchen stove which actually wasnít that old, was given a major cleaning and testing and worked fine and they added a new exhaust fan was added. The floors which hadnít been touched for who knows how long were completely sanded and refinished.


The result was a fresh look done very inexpensively.


Other parts to this project not featured here included.Complete replacement and upgrading of the heating system throughout, Interior plaster repair and paint, the once beautiful front door with side-lights which had rotted away, was completely rebuilt. The two existing and outdated bathrooms were given new fixtures and flooring.